UPDATE:  We spent two weeks (Aug/Sept 2017/2018) looking around the outskirts of Negril for suitable land.  So far nothing we have seen has fitted our needs.  We need approximately 1.5/2 acres of land to accommodate animals as well as a certain amount of soil based so we can grow our own food and become self-sufficient. So far, what we have seen has been too small (or ridiculously overpriced for a small lot) wrong location or rock based which would not allow us to grow our own fruit and veg.  The animals need space, especially for horses.  We shall continue our search.  However, while we have to wait for enough funds to facilitate a sanctuary,  we can help Jamaica's animals on a smaller scale by opening much needed veterinary / spay & neuter clinic much sooner. 













Phase One; before we can begin to help some of the animals in Negril we need to secure appropriate land / property negotiated at the best price possible.  We need enough space to build comfortable housing for the animals as well as accommodation for the workers, helpers, supporters and visitors from foreign lands who will bring much-needed support.  Jamaica is a place where tourists feel a lot of love whilst on vacation / holiday but for the animals sadly this is not the case.  


It isn't going to be easy and we need support in all forms not just money.  We do not want to instruct expensive companies to build every stage of this project.  We also plan to offer simple accommodation for labour skills. In return you will experience the real Jamaica.  Not the all inclusive resort Jamaica.

If you have the following skills, love animals and upon completion of sourcing the perfect land for our sanctuary you are planning to visit the paradise island we call Jamaica, please e-mail us to discuss further:

  • Arctitecture

  • Building & Construction

  • Landscaping

  • Electrical Installation


An overview list for what we need for our shelter build is a s follows;



  1. Purchase of suitable land with legal consent for purpose

  2. Artictectural / Plans

  3. Prepare land for build

  4. Foundations

  5. Block / Cement walls

  6. Three floor build (ground, one, two + flat roof)

  7. Windows

  8. Doors

  9. Electrics

  10. Plastering

  11. Internal Fittings



  1. Kennels to house a minimum of ten dogs

  2. Outdoor mixed runs

  3. Indoor cool area




  1. Stables x 2/3

  2. Excercise and grazing area


Once architectural plans are drawn up a more comprehensive list along with the actual plan will be shown here.  We can not move to this stage until the land is purchased and the sanctuary has ownership paperwork to show to the relevant professionals.

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